We all want more of these in our lives. Right?

And we know we want to eat healthier, exercise more, relax and take time for ourselves, but...

When you're busy it's often easier to stick with what's familiar, even when you know it's contributing to you feeling tired and stressed out.

Bad habits are hard to break, so how do you turn things around?

Where do you start?

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Healthy Pasta
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Raw Chocolate Brownies
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What's to Love About GLOW?  


In this inspiration-filled week you will...

  • Discover simple dietary changes that will deeply enhance your energy levels - as well as your emotional and physical well-being - forever (this is not an overstatement!).


  • Get creative with your high raw 7-day menu plan, discovering simple and healthy new smoothies, breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinner dishes to expand your regular recipe repertoire.


  • Explore raw food ingredients and simple techniques using common kitchen equipment so you feel confident exploring the World of Raw.


  • Cleanse your body with nutrient, water-rich foods, defogging your brain, bringing calm to your mind and replenishing your body’s natural energy reserves.


  • Get the practical support you need to kick any refined sugar / wheat / dairy / caffeine / alcohol habits and replace them with energy-boosting alternatives.


  • Learn about the foundations of raw food through downloadable audios and videos.


  • And all 7 days of GLOW are a beautiful gift to yourself for just £34.99
Glow Detox Guide

Your GLOW Guide

This is your step-by-step guide for a week of delicious clean eating.  It's packed full of tips and tricks on how to make your detox easy and fun and explains how to integrate your GLOW week into your normal schedule.


  • Learn about raw food and how to have fun doing it during your working week and/or whilst taking care of the kids, and making meals for your loved ones.


  • Feel fully confident about doing your 7 days of GLOW before you start.


  • Know how to make the most of your week-long GLOW detox so you continue to feel the benefits way after it's finished.
Glow Menu Plan

Clean Eating Menu Plan

We've designed the GLOW menu plan to excite your taste-buds and to be fully satisfying.  You will never go hungry or feel like you are depriving yourself with our delicious sweet treats, balanced meals and nutrient-rich ingredients.


  • Cleansing green smoothies to kick start your day.


  • Simple superfood breakfasts to give you energy through the morning.


  • Lovely lunches that can be easily packed for eating at work or on the move.


  • Scrumptious snacks and treats to help you kick any unhealthy snacking habits.


  • Satisfying suppers that can easily be adapted to cater for the whole family.

Simply Delicious Recipes

Great recipes are what make a healthy world go round - they need to taste delicious and be quick and easy to make. Our recipes maximise on time, flavour AND on boosting your energy.  


Our plan is that you love the recipes so much that you want to use them after GLOW too!


  • Quick and easy recipes for everyday use.


  • Simple preparation techniques that use normal kitchen equipment.


  • Easy-to-find ingredients combined in magical ways that make your taste-buds sing.
Recipe Photos

Beautiful Recipe Photos

We love food photos!  There's nothing quite like a mouthwatering recipe photo to motivate you, so we've included a photo with every recipe.  


  • See how vibrantly alive all your GLOW recipes are before you make them.


  • See how we've sliced, combined and presented the dishes for maximum flavour and beauty. 


  • Show any curious or skeptical friends just HOW GOOD the food is that you're eating while you detox!
Glow Shopping List

Done-for-U Shopping List

One of the joys of GLOW is that we've done all the thinking for you.  We give you a  handy printable and digital-friendly shopping list, which means you can buy exactly what you need for a week of eating high raw, without worrying about under or over buying ingredients.  We hate wasting food, and we're sure you do too!


  • Take your shopping list with you when you go shopping, knowing exactly which aisles to head for.


  • Use your shopping list to order all your shopping online. Schedule the delivery for the day before you start GLOW.


  • Check which items you already have in your cupboards, and save money on buying unnecessary ingredients.

Support Videos & Audios

The recipe for success when you're cleaning up your diet is keeping motivated and inspired, so we have created Lessons in GLOW - a series of short videos and audios to keep you feeling excited and eager through your 7 days of eating high raw.


  • Kitchen tips to make food prep easy and quick.
  • How to deal effectively with cravings so you can stay on track.
  • How to integrate more raw food into your normal diet for vibrant energy and health.
  • How and why raw food works to make you feel amazing.
  • Detox symptoms and solutions.
Glow Guide Print Version

Print & Digital Versions

Some people love to have paper in their hands, and some love to look at stuff on their iPads, tablets and phones.  Whichever way you're inclined, we've got you covered!  You will receive both the printable and digital versions of your GLOW Guide, so you can take your pick.


  • Save ink with our print-friendly version.  We've reduced the picture content without compromising on all the good stuff.


  • Wherever you are, have your GLOW Guide handy with our digital version. It looks gorgeous on iPads, tablets and smart phones!

Bridie Ashton, Social Worker

"Simple, straightforward recipes that are unique and always delicious.  Saskia is a reliable and fail-safe choice for anyone wanting more raw in their life!"

Bridie Ashton, Social Worker


Karen Black

"Menu plans, recipes and shopping lists provided. All done! I enjoyed Saskia's real, authentic and down to earth approach. Investing in myself meant that I was placing value in ME."

Karen Black, Counsellor, Supervisor & Trainer


Alison Finn

"I loved having the menu plans and shopping lists. It gave a structure to support the changes I wanted to make."

Alison Finn, Colon Hydrotherapist


Alison Armitage

"The recipes are delicious!  I have loved eating raw and feel energised into carrying this way of eating forward."

Alison Armitage, Life Coach & Professional Organiser


Susan Maclean

"I love the way my body and mind and taste buds adapt to the raw food. It transforms my relationship with everything to do with food - from shopping for it, to preparing it and to eating it. I simply can't get enough of the delicious recipes!"

Susan Maclean, Solicitor



"I feel much better about eating more raw food and am curious in developing new recipes for my changing taste buds."

Kashmir, Entrepreneur


Got Questions?

No problem, we've got answers!

GLOW is an amazing opportunity to eat super-clean for 7 days. All the GLOW recipes are animal-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and gluten-free whilst still being totally delicious.
If you have allergies or simply don't like nuts, bananas, coconuts, avocados, tomatoes, courgette/zucchini etc. you can still do GLOW. We provide you with a comprehensive list of alternative ingredients. Nourish your body the way it likes to be nourished!
The GLOW recipes are all simple and require only basic kitchen equipment.  Many you can make with just a sharp cutting knife and a chopping board. Other equipment you will need to do GLOW:  
  • blender (a hand blender is absolutely fine).
  • food processor, or food processor attachment on a hand blender.
  • grater/shredder.
  • vegetable peeler.
    If you don't have a blender and/or food processor (or food processor attachment for your hand blender) you can purchase these online or in your local kitchen shop. There are blenders and food processors to suit every budget and, if you are serious about healthy eating, these pieces of kitchen equipment are a brilliant investment in your long term health and wellbeing.
Cleaning up your diet is generally a really good idea but, if you have a medical condition, always check with your doctor before embarking on a detox.
We do not recommend detoxing whilst pregnant or nursing. However, once you have finished nursing, GLOW is a deeply nourishing and empowering gift to give yourself to replenish your body's depleted reserves.
We know it's hard work to make one meal for yourself and another for your family, so with each GLOW evening meal we give you simple suggestions on how to make it family-friendly.   The GLOW shopping list is for one person for 7 days. If you want to feed your family some of the GLOW dishes make sure you take this into consideration when shopping for your detox.
GLOW is non-date specific, which means you can start the moment you are ready! Full instructions on how to get started are included in the Welcome email we send you once you purchase GLOW.